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  Hannity  FOX News  August 6, 2015 9:18pm-9:26pm PDT

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killings, murders, crime, drugs pouring across the bored he, are money going out and the drugs coming >> that was a clip of do trump from earlier tonight. right after the debate was over, i spoke with the republican front-runner. take a look. >> joining us now, still number one in the polls and doing very well on the drudge report. how are you? >> yeah. i love drudge. and i heard that. >> first time in any situation like this. how did you feel? >> it was exciting. so many people. everybody is going wild and i believe in my subject matter, make america great again. that word again is a very important word. it can happen but you need the right leader. so hopefully we continue to do well. >> the country is suffering. no doubt about it. the one question that got a lot of boos and came right in off the top. running as a third candidate. you wonderful make the pledge. >> i will make the pledge if i
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win. why should i give pup leverage? if they don't treat me well. you're talking about the establishment republicans. if they don't treat me well, why should i make that pledge? i may at some point do it, i'm starting to really like the establishment people. reince and everybody have been nice lately. it is good leverage and i might as well use it. this country should use leverage in their trade deals. they don't believe in it. i knew that would be controversial but it was exciting. a good way to start off the show. >> you're not afraid to say -- >> i'm not afraid. >> if you didn't win, you would hope that you would be able to support the republican nomination. >> 100%. i want to be treated well. treated with respect. 100% correct. >> let me ask you, before you ever became a candidate, you're outspoken. you had a twitter war with rosie o'donnell. >> and many others. >> you said something, we're too pc. and up america is in such bad
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shape. we don't have time to be nice. have the right tone. >> we don't have time. they talk about waterboarding. do you believe in waterboarding? i'm thinking, we're talking about waterboarding and they're chopping off everybody's head. we don't have time for it. the country is in trouble. we own $19 trillion, it will be 21, 22 very soon. when you get to that 24 million mark, we become greece. we become greece on steroids, could you say. i don't know. this was a very exciting night. we had such a great crowd and they really agreed with what i said. >> i interpreted your, the comments you made about mexican immigrants differently. >> when you interpreted it correct. >> i interpreted as they're not doing anything to stop it and it is a stop-gap for them if they allow people to leave at will. >> and they save a lot of money them don't have to take care of
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the people. we're not getting their best and their finest. they're pushing people out. and i'm talking about serious, people that would be in their prisons them say let the americans. the americans have stupid leaders. let them put them in their prisons. and the problem is you have the absolute bad guy who killed kate and killed jamil and all these people. you have all these people coming in and they're killing and causing crime and the drugs are pouring in. i took tremendous heat that first day. a lot of your friends like rush limbaugh and a lot of people said boy, they used the word incoming. trump is taking tremendous incoming. it was an honor now. some of the people that you would least expect are calling me up and apologizing. what i am is true. the word illegal immigration would not have been a topic if it wasn't for me. >> it was funny. i think it was quint essential trump honesty when you said that you don't it a money. they'll pick up the moan.
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and yes, would you expect that they would do what you needed to do or help knew whatever way. the only question i had is why would you want to donate to hillary to go to your wedding? i was using that as a joke. they did come to the wedding but they came because i'm a donor. if i wanted something, and i kribld. that's a different life. i was a businessman. i have to deal with democrats and republicans and i dwoo he will politicians like i'm as good as it gets. i built a great business and part of that is dealing with politicians. people say you don't have political experience. i have more political experience than anybody. >> it is a truth people donate for the purpose of influence. maybe the difference is you're honest about it. >> aid great relationship with them for the most part. i like them vex. they're good people. when i see them raising $50 million, $40 million. >> jeb is raising $100 million. they're not like charities.
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you understand. they want. these are total tough cookies. i know many of them of i probably know most of them. when they give million and millions of dollars, they're not doing it for the good of the american cancer society. they're doing it for themselves. >> you gave a very forceful answer about all the hundreds of businesses, i guess, the corporations that you have. that you use the laws of the land. >> you said something about bankers. they got a pretty good applause. >> the people, i really did a number on were bankers. these are tough guys. the guys giving money to all of these candidates. these are very tough, very sophisticated guys. they know the game. they know game as well as i do. and i played the game better than they do. i understand how to play the game. and i said, that's what the country needs. when you have 18 or $19 trill in debt, they need somebody like me to straighten it up. a politician will never understand how to straighten it out. >> i was a little surprised.
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pretty harsh against governor jeb bush. you got along. >> i was really nice. and i liked him. in fact, he even took, they put words in his mouth. these people were not so nice to me as far as i'm concerned. but they put words in his mouth and he said i didn't say that. i thought that was a class act. >> when you talk about the economy. you said you want to pre serve the social security. how do we do that in. >> making our economy really powerful again. we have to take our jobs. we've rebuilt china. we have single handedly, they have taken our money, our jobs and then they loan money back to us. we owe them now $1.4 trillion. they do a number on us and then we owe them money. i'm the only one who can fix it. >> when the issue of tone came
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up. excuse me. they're chopping off our heads. we don't have time for tone. is it time for all american politicians to get rid of political correctness? are you leading the way? >> no. i think i'm leading the way at a certain high level of leadership. they're not that way. they're not inclined to be that way. we need a leader at the top that will not worry so much about tone. we don't have time for tone. he thought my tone was a little tough, a little quick. we need strong tone. and we need enthusiasm. >> there's never going to be an apology to rosie. >> she's terrible. >> you wonderful do that as president. >> probably not. well, it sort of broke up the question from megyn which was an very nice question to start off. with no. i'm not a fan of rosie. >> and you're in this to the end. you want this job. >> and i want to be the
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republican. i'm the one who can beat hillary. believe me. hillary's worst nightmare is me. who treats it rougher than me? she should be going to prison for what she's done with these e-mails. what she's done is totally illegal. look at general petraeus. they've destroyed his life over doing much less. >> and do you know what is confidential information was his calendar. >> coming up, senator marco